Tyler off to school again





Aunt Paganini said...

Wow! Your are so cool Ty! How does the freedom of riding by yourself feel? The other kids at school must think you're really mature to get to school on your own. I know the 'rents probably showed you the loops but just a few reminders...from your professional Alternative Transportation Planner here at RVTD...

1) Always stop at each intersection and spooky driveway with big overgrown bushes to make sure no one is coming, that includes pedestrians. If there is let them leave first.

2) If you are passing a car on the left while riding on the street, because its parked, look to see if any exhaust is coming out of the tailpipe to be extra careful.

3) Always obey traffic signs and lights, like you are driving a car. Stop at stop signs and yield signs and at stop lights.

4) Ride with traffic, not against it. This is confusing because as a pedestrian you want to walk against traffic, right? Well when you are cycling or skateboarding you want to go with traffic and look over your left shoulder often. You practice the looking over the shoulder thing near home, it can be pretty tough at first but easier if you can ride with only your right hand on the handlebars.
5) ALWAYS wear your helmet, I do. If its not strapped under your chin its just a silly looking hat. Two finger rule buddy, two fingers should fit between your eyebrow and the bottom of the helmet; two fingers should fit between your chin and the strap.

6) Try and make eye contact with pedestrians and drivers so you know they are paying attention to You.

I am so proud of you! I am going to brag to everyone that My Nephew has been bicycling to school, saving gas, cleaning the air, getting healthy and having F-U-N!

You Rock!

Love Aunt Paige

originally posted: 2.13.2006 16:27

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