my tired state...

i have accepted the fact that i will be living in a somewhat tired state until all our kids are grown and out of the house. sleeping late to find time for ourselves and waking early to attend to the kids is not conducive to a well rested mommy and daddy, but it's well worth it for our children. then i was thinking that maybe aaron & i will begin to get some decent rest again when the kids get a little older (like teenagers), but by that age we'll probably still be in a tired state from staying up late worrying why it's past curfew and they're not home. then again, our kids are never going to be allowed out of the house past sunset once they're teenagers so we won't have anything to worry about *wink, wink*.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah Prasti....staying up late waiting for your teenager to come home, worrying, hoping nothing terrible happened......I remember those days too well with the 3 of you!! Oh yeah...your time will come....ha, ha, ha...payback time. Love ~Mom~

originally posted: 11 November, 2006 08:02

Scott Purdum said...

Ah yes, we remember the peace-filled days when Aaron was the lead instigator among the three Purdum children. Suck it up, Prasti! Oh by the way, we're getting Tyler a bag of rubber bands (remember the Zanesville newspaper rubber bands, Aaron?).

We love you all!

Gram and Pap

originally posted: 12 November, 2006 22:36

Maia LeDoux said...

I will say that it DOES get better. Maybe it is the solid nights of sleep that come with age, maybe it is that you just get used to it. -maia

originally posted: 12 November, 2006 23:52

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