theory disproved...and some other stuff

i should have known that my theory was wrong (see last post). after she woke up from her AM nap that day of 1.5 hrs. her 1st afternoon nap only lasted 30 min. so i guess, i don't know what's going on. then today, she woke up at 6:15 am, ate and went back to sleep until 8:15 am. just when i think i'm starting to figure things out...ha, ha, ha...too good to be true.

we got our christmas tree on sunday at good ol' home depot. not as big as last year, but it's not crooked! it looks beautiful, and the smell has just overtaken the downstairs living space...yum! it's always fun to dig out all of the ornaments and decorate the tree while blaring christmas music on the stereo.

lastly, it finally started snowing today. after a couple of weeks of mild weather (in the 60s) it is now in the 30s (night lows in the 20s) with wind chill of 11 degrees...yuck! granted the snow is pretty and perfect for christmas, but after that it would be best if it could all just melt away. tyler wanted to ride his bike to school today, but we told him he couldn't because of the snow. i wonder if someone out there makes snow tires for bikes...but that's just crazy. it's too cold to ride a bike right now, although it's hard to get that through tyler's head sometimes. talk about a die-hard cyclist!


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