fussy baby....

poor emma, she had a bad case of sore gums today because she's teething. i tried giving her cold teething rings, her spoon (which she likes to gnaw on), and her chew toy, but nothing worked. she wouldn't take anything in her mouth...it must have been really sore. all she did was fuss and cry for about half an hour. wasn't much i could do but carry her, though she still continued to cry. then as suddenly as it came, it went away. tyler was a good sport about it. at first he tried to console her. when he realized that didn't work, he just read a book (i think he actually read it twice in a row).

speaking of tyler and books, we've been reading this book written by henry winkler (yes the fonze) before bedtime. actually, he's written a series of books, about a boy named hank zipzer, and we're on book 2. funny books, but poor editing. in the first book, i think we found 5 errors....typos or missing words in sentences. in the one we're reading we've found 3 so far. one we found tonight is using the wrong spelling of tail in the sentence (they used the spelling tale). i couldn't believe it! and these books have been published for public sale! i can understand maybe one or two in a book, but we're on the second book and there are still errors. pretty weird. we're talking about writing the publisher to let them know, but can they really do something now? anyway, i have never experienced something like that with books before...maybe the editor doesn't like henry winkle and is trying to make him look bad. or maybe these errors are done on purpose because it's written from the boy's perspective. i don't know, i just think it's kinda weird.


Anonymous said...

You should do it Pras, let the publisher know. Even if it's written from a child's perspective, it's no excuse for incorrect spelling since that only teaches the child reading the book that wrong spelling is irrelevant. ~Mom~

originally posted: 05 January, 2007 03:34

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