crazy snow!

last week we had a bunch of snow come our way...don't exactly know how many feet, but it was a lot (although not as bad as buffalo!). tyler's school was closed for 2 days (valentine's day and the day after). i was extremely sore from shoveling all that dumb snow, though it was fun to go out and play in it. we (tyler & i) built a fort in our front yard and then did a couple of snow angels. i have to say, the side of my butt was kind of sore from making the angel because the snow was so deep it offered pretty good resistance for my adductor (or is it abductor?) muscles.

tyler was stoked to have 2 days off of school again, though he hoped school was open for friday (what??? he wanted to go to school you say?). friday was cleveland orchestra day at severance hall so he got to wear his suit, which he really enjoys wearing.

sorry no jump rope pictures. by the time i showed up w/ emma they were all done jump roping. i thought they were going to jump rope for the whole 2.5 hours but i guess they only jumped for the first 1.5 hours.


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