it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

it was such a beautiful day today...sunny, warm (up to mid-60s i think)...you know the kind of weather that tells you spring is coming, and summer is just around the corner. anyway, emma and i took a walk in the afternoon to the coffee shop, where i enjoyed a delicious iced americano while she drank her milk and snacked on some Joe's Os (trader joe's version of cheerios). we people watched for a bit then went outside to say hello to a dog named webster. once we got home, we played in the front walkway while tyler did his homework (outside too). it was a nice change for all of us.

emma, aaron & i also went to the doctor's today for our daughter's 9 mos. check up. she's developing normally though she didn't increase in weight or height. it was a little odd since she's been eating so much more food from her last visit at 6 mos. we were told it could be because she's decreased her breastfeeding (only 3 times/day now) significantly, and that i actually may not be producing enough anymore. so the weaning has begun a little sooner than i anticipated. i'm a little sad, but also relieved that she will probably self-wean as opposed to having me help her stop. on the plus side, we've been told to increase her calorie intake (though not food servings) and can serve her almost all the food we eat. i know she will really enjoy that since she really enjoys eating her food (she is probably the happiest when she's eating).

oh, and one other thing...ms. emma's picture is posted in the gallery section of clothing co. for biracial kids: http://www.swirlsyndicate.com/gallery/gallery.html.


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