we found a ginormous elmo doll in this stuffed animal bin while we were out bumming around and emma was pretty excited about it. she hugged him, kissed him and then tried to take him around with her. it was too cute. thankfully, aaron was able to distract her with something else while i shoved elmo to the bottom of the bin. it's strange how just from reading a couple of elmo books over, and over, and over, again has already familiarized her with the character. i guess that's a good sign though...at least she understands what we read to her.

aside from elmo, my dear and sweet family gave me a new camera for christmas. actually, the gift was right on time, because on christmas day, the old camera was pretty much done for. so i've been taking a mass amount of photos to familiarize myself w/ the features. i've deleted most of them because they're pretty random, but i LOVE the new camera...canon A560. it's not a super new model, but it's PERFECT for what i'm looking for. our old one was a fuji finepix A345 (or something like that) and after only 2 years it was already starting to die. plus the two cameras were about the same price, but the canon features far exceeds the finepix. i'm hoping this one will last a lot longer. here's a sample from the new camera (emma's new ornament for this year).


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