you'll shoot your eye out!

michelle's last day here was yesterday, and we made it a memorable one by going to visit the a christmas story house. it was pretty neat to see where they filmed some of the scenes, and the tour guide was sweet enough to allow us to touch and feel everything. i think we picked the perfect time to go, because it was just us and 3 other people taking the tour. apparently, over christmas time it gets pretty crazy and there's barely any room to move around. they've already had over 60,000 visitors since the opening in 2005, and i'm sure there will be plenty more in the future.

afterwards, we wandered around close to downtown and came across a newly opened asian supermarket, park to shop supermarket. it's kind of like uwajimaya or the ranch 99 store in seattle. there's hardly any indonesian items (i saw one), but plenty of stuff i can work with. if you can't tell, i'm VERY excited about this opening, because it's been so hard to find all the right ingredients to some of my cooking or fulfill some of my "asian" cravings (e.g. dried seaweed, furikake, miso). plus they have rice in very large amounts for cheap...perfect. this last photo is of emma in her sunglasses-she looks so cool. she's finally able to understand its purpose so she's pretty good about keeping it on her face. this photo was on our way home from visiting our 3rd (yes, that's right, our 3rd) H&M this week...just for michelle.


Michelle said...

Because I LOVE H&M and there are none in Seattle!! Emma looks so cute in her kacamata hitam. I miss her and the rest of you already!

originally posted: 29 March, 2008 21:41

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