yeah for food!

yeah! i just discovered this! i'm so excited about it. for you folks in my hood, check it out and consider supporting them. whether it be your time, your money, or participating in their initiatives. i'm especially excited that we have even more local food accessible in our area. i think i'm going to sign us up for a community supported agriculture (CSA) pgm. a CSA pgm. works similarly to pioneer organics (what we used to do in seattle) without the online shopping and home-delivery. and now that the pick up location is even more convenient, i don't see why we shouldn't give it a go. i'm sure i'll still be running to west-side market or the grocery store to fill in the gaps, but, hey, we're supporting our local community. for those not in my hood, check out this website and they can get you set up if you're interested in participating in a CSA pgm. oh, and let me know if you decided to try it out.

why buy local? check this out.

but then i came across this. buying food is so complicated, isn't it? aah...the true challenges of life.


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