a girls' afternoon

with a new baby who is virtually attached to me on a daily basis, it's not always easy to find mommy and emma time. usually, i squeeze them in when gibson is napping. but today was a special day.

aaron took the day off, and while he stayed home w/ baby boy, emma and i escaped together for an hour.

what did we do? we scheduled a last minute haircut together at crazy mullets salon (no, we did not get matching mullets, in case you're wondering).

emma did fantastic for her first haircut. she was very serious, and seemed to enjoy looking at herself in the mirror while the stylist trimmed her hair.

and i felt like i lost 5 lbs. it was a much needed haircut for me.

this was our first experience at crazy mullets, and we absolutely loved it. it's a super cool atmosphere, and prices for cuts are much more affordable compared to other salons.

it was fun to go out and do something "girly" together. i think this might have to be a new special mother/daughter tradition.


Melissa said...

Yay for another crazy mullets convert! Aren't they fantastic? Glad you were able to make a short escape for some quality time. I don't think Layla would do nearly as well in the salon chair. I hope she'll prove me wrong.

ConnieK said...

YAY for Crazy Mullets!!! I looooove it there and so does Gabby! All of us should have a Mother/Daughter Crazy Mullet playdate- some washable hair dye, some funky up-dos!

Simply Stork said...

what a good mommy- what fun it is to spend time one on one. especially when a new one is born :o)

I wanted to pop in and tell you about a new site I launched yesterday. Stop on in and have a peek when you get the chance :o)



Anonymous said...

I've got both Rainier cherries and Bing cherries in the fridge right now Pras and Dad's been picking raspberries from our yard daily. All real yummy and the raspberries are great with cereals. Hope we still have some raspberries when you're here in 2 weeks. ~Ibu~

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