month of "c"

the month of october was brought to you by the letter C.

here are all the "c" themed activities we did...

introducing the letter c:

we filled our big "c" sheet with cherries, a circle, a cat, and a cow. then we looked through the weekly grocery flyer for "c" words like cereal and chips.  our little "c" was used for the word car.  we looked through her big brother's old motor trend magazines for some cool cars to paste on the sheet.  the blue car was her favorite, and apparently it was ty's favorite too because he made the same comment about the blue one when he saw it.  they must be related!

we found mommy's and daddy's cars outside, and emma also played with her vast collection of hot wheels cars (hand-me down from big brother) conveniently parking them in rows or a straight line right in the middle of the floor.

"c" foods:

we made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, ate dried cranberries, and cashews.  she had cinnamon toast crunch cereal for breakfast which was a HUGE treat in our house (we usually don't have pre-sweetened cereal.  cheerios and/or rice krispies are staples, sweetened with honey or a sprinkle of sugar).  we had plenty of dishes with chicken, and a few meals involving corn and carrots.  and of course, we couldn't go to the market this month without having crepes!

"c" books:
very hungry caterpillar and little cloud both by mr. eric carle
the C book and cook-it: mama's birthday surprise both by stan and jan berenstain
the carrot seed by ruth kraus

emma loves to help me cook when she can.  when we made the crepes, she enjoyed helping mix the batter and then later on helping me flip the crepe over in the pan.  that's really the only hot stove work she does with me.  most of the time she helps me cook by taste testing the food.


we read the story of esther in the bible.  we learned how she became a queen and was very brave when it came to saving her people.  then emma made and decorated her own crown.  when she puts on the crown she's not just any queen, but queen esther. 


we talked about jesus and his sacrifice on the cross for us.  this has to be her favorite part of the bible, and she can give you a low-down on the gospel if you ask her.  afterwards, we did the "eye of god" craft from the children's year.  the origins of the ojo de dios (god's eye) is not really related to the symbolism of the cross in the christian religion.  however, it was an excellent exercise in patience and fine-motor skills (mommy ended up doing most of the weaving though), and a great opportunity to discuss the gospel again during our weaving.

we made a birthday card for emma's cousin sam's 1st birthday.  emma also made her own thank you card for some special missionary friends of ours which we sent out along with a care package.

we took many walks to observe the changing colors of the leaves, and identifying specific colors found in them.  we noticed that towards the end of the month more leaves had changed colors and that some of the trees had already lost all their leaves.

we made colored rice using food coloring which i found here.  we did a couple of bags with single colors, but emma had more fun mixing colors together.

we then filled a glass container with some small objects (i took a picture of all of them beforehand for reference) and covered it with our colored rice. then we tried to find all the objects.  this was a super fun activity found here (even tyler enjoyed it).  once all the objects were found, i switched them out for new things.

and of course, there was some good ol' fashioned coloring with crayons and markers.  we even had an impromptu coloring night with mommy, emma, and tyler all coloring on the floor.  very fun (and therapeutic for me).

"c" spices:

i dug out all the "c" spices i had in the cupboard (curry, cloves, chilli powder, cumin, and cinnamon).  emma smelled and sampled each one.  her favorite was curry.  hmmm....

emma is a pro at drawing circles.  lots and lots of circles!  we also identified objects we saw that had a circle shape like waffles, cheerios cereal, and wheels on cars and bikes.

"c" people we know:

ms. courtney

aunt corrie

cousin carl

uncle chris

uncle clint

the "c"s of halloween:

carving pumpkins, cat costume and candy!

this one is easy...we go to church every sunday.  we found different kind of churches in our area, and talked about how different some churches looked on the outside.  for example, ours doesn't even look like the traditional church building, and it doubles as tyler's school during the week!  emma was amazed by this fact.

and that completes our "c" adventures!


Corrie said...

Great fun activities. I especially like how proud and happy Emma looks as Queen Esther!! And I was happy to have made "the list."

Astrid Vinje said...

I like the "c" spices. My favorite is cumin too. And I especially like that you put "Uncle Clint." :)

Fresh Mommy said...

You are such a creative mommy!!! I just love how you incorporate the letters in every month!! Such a great idea. :)

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