food trucks unite!

food trucks.  they're pretty awesome.  and in cleveland, food trucks have gotten quite popular.

there are a number of them here in the cleveland area, and this past weekend the food truck operators of cleveland came together to offer up some tasty eats for the people of cleveland.

we headed down after church, excited and ready to sample food from some of cleveland's finest food trucks.  but what we weren't ready for was the line of people at pretty much every single truck there.  holy moly!  there was A LOT of people.  and the wait would have been l.o.n.g.
it was AWESOME to see so many come out to support this super cool event (yay, cleveland!).  but it was bitter cold (though the sunshine was deceiving) and waiting for an hour for our food in 30 degree weather with 3 little ones just didn't sound appealing. 
 i think the chow down turned out great, even though we weren't able to stick around.  more details about the event can be found here, from someone who actually toughed it out.

though chowing down on food truck grub would have been fantastic, a warm meal at my friends was just as satisfying.  especially since i didn't have to worry about the kids turning into icicles!

maybe we'll hunt down some of the food trucks in the summer when it's warm...


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