:: 6/12 ::

happy (1 day late) half-birthday, baby cash!

i cannot believe that in 6 more months you will be a whole year old, my dear boy.

here are some things i am loving about you right. now.

1. your baby coos, aaahhs, and giggles!  they are so ridiculously sweet.

2. your big smile each time you see emma walk in the room.  you just love your big sis, and it's so precious watching her interact with him.  she is such a mother hen.

3. your baby smell.  mmmmm! 

4. your little hands reaching up to touch my face when you nurse.  *sigh* i forgot how i miss those moments.

5. your sweet, little, kissable baby face.

6. that little birdie mouth thing you do when you're hungry.  i don't know what it is, but i love when babies do the little birdie mouth.  so cute.

it has been fun watching all the changes taking place as the months go by.  however, i have to admit that i don't want time to keep going forward so that you can stay my little sweet baby forever. 

sweet baby cash, you are such a sweet addition to our family.  always remember that we love you!


Mamajil said...

He is so beautiful!!! You are blessed!! Loved the post miss reading your blog....life just gets so crazy....but love love love seeing the pics and keeping up when I can!!!

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