:: 8/12 ::

sweet baby cash,

i'm sorry i let 2 weeks pass by before posting this.  but here it is now, your 8 month post....

oh how i have tried to cherish each baby moment with you, for you will forever be the baby of the family (unless God has other plans for us).

you are enjoying the experience of trying new foods, and much like your brother and sister when they were babies, i have a feeling that eating adventures will be a source of joy and excitement for you.

just in the past 2 weeks or so you have made many attempts to go mobile...getting on your hands and knees, rocking back and forth or pushing off your feet (like a little yoga baby doing downward facing dog).  i don't think it will be long before you'll be getting into everything!

you know who your brothers and sister are, and perk up when you hear their voices.  even while you nurse (which i believe is one of your most favorite activities) you will stop and crane your neck to find them.

you do much the same with your daddy.  and even flash him a snarly little smile.

you are definitely coming into your own, my little peanut.  you are particularly discerning when it comes to eating your food, nursing, and sometimes even the length of time daddy can hold you before you are ready to be handed back to mama.

i love your sweet face.  i love your sweet smile.  i love listening to your babbling and that from-the-belly laughter.  i love the quiet moments we have before bed and when you wake up.  when it's just the two of us.  your little baby hand on my face...

sometimes i want you to stay a baby for a little while longer.  maybe instead of having 12 months equal a year we can do 18 months equal a year?  and then i'll be ready for you to grow up a little bit more.  i think.


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