:: 12/12 ::

my dearest, smallest, sweet boy,

yesterday you turned 1 year old.  wow.  even though i tried to enjoy every little moment and find ways to stretch time longer, the past year flew by.  again.

while in some ways you are still a sweet, little baby, you are definitely turning into a more independent little boy (complete with little fits when you don't get your way).  boohoo for mommy.  fortunately, you still love to snuggle and give baby kisses!  and i love how sometimes you'll rest your head on my shoulder.  i will definitely miss that once you are too cool to snuggle with your mama.
much like your older brother, you are beginning to enjoy discovering things.  and by discovering things i mean getting into everything, pulling stuff out and making a big mess.  we are now to the point where the gate at the bottom of the steps has come back up, because if we don't remember to put it up we can find you taking on those steps on your own.
we shared your birthday celebration with our churches 5 year anniversary. 
talk about the biggest 1st birthday party ever.  you were in the company of many, many friends and family.  it was so fun to be able to share in such a big birthday celebration.
 after some much needed beauty sleep, we enjoyed having some family members over for a small celebration of your 1st year of life. 

 there was lots of chocolate to be had, and you definitely didn't say no to that.
you are much loved, baby cash.  and my prayer for you is that you will grow up to be a man who will love God and serve him with all your heart. 


Anonymous said...

Our dear sweet cucu is a year old already. See you next month.
Love ~Ibu & Grandpa~

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