little dude.  

i think that term fits perfectly with who you are, my son.  it's hard to believe that you are 3 years old today, but here we are.  

i have had so much fun watching your personality grow and develop over the past year.  you are your own little person, full of energy and passion for things you like (and don't like).  you are rough and tumble through and through, but still enjoy sweet, cuddly moments with your mom and dad.  i hope you don't ever lose that part, because i love it!
you have grown quite well into your role as big brother as you help your baby cash smile with toys, books, or sweet talk when he's upset.  or bringing him his milk when he fusses.  or feed him raisins when he's ready for a snack.  i'm fairly certain you will be an awesome big brother when this next little one comes in august.

i am realizing that you really aren't a baby anymore.  i have heard your speech explode tremendously this past year.  i enjoy watching and listening to you make up your own stories with blocks, cars and whatever else you manage to dig up around the house. you have mastered the potty.  you eat more than your big sister (sometimes me!).  you like to jump off things.  you can set the table, get your own water, and bring your food to the table.  the road to independence is clearly in front of you and you are taking it in strides.
but even though you are now a little boy, you will always be my sweet baby.  we pray that we can be parents that guide and prepare you well for what the Lord has planned for you, and that you will become a man that loves the Lord who will faithfully serve and honor him in whatever he calls you to do.

my heart overflows with love for you sweet boy.  happy birthday!



Michelle said...

happy birthday gibson!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd birthday my dear sweet adorable grandson. Love ~Ibu~

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd birthday my dear sweet adorable grandson. Love ~Ibu~

Corrie said...

Happy Birthday Agent Gibs!!

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