my dear gibson,

4 years ago today, i met you for the very first time.  you were so precious and sweet, with that baby soft skin and newborn baby smell. i fell in love immediately.

and now...you are mr. big boy off doing your own thing, and getting into stuff like my very own curious george.

how can it be that you're now 4 years old?

you are a helpful, kind-hearted and loving boy with a sensitive nature. but you balance those qualities with a little bit of rough and tumble and a crazy-climbing-all-over-the-furniture character.

you like being part of work that the grown ups are doing, whether it's baking or raking.  and hey, i'm not going to say no to free help.

it's important to keep your mind engaged, because when you're bored your curious george quality takes over.  and usually that means something ends up needing to be fixed or thrown away (you should ask me about the torn library book pages sometime, or the time when you put caulk on the bathroom wall).

you've taken more of an interest this year in doing "school," asking for your own work to do when emma does her table work.  and when you do your table work, you really don't need me around to help you, because you already know what you're doing.

when you aren't moving and running and jumping all over the place, you like to enjoy some quiet reading time like your big sister.  i'm sure that once you know how to read, i will probably find you lost in a book at least once a day much like your sister.

i love watching you be you.

remember that mommy and daddy love you so very much!  may God do great things through you my little agent gibs.

happy birthday!


Corrie said...

Happy Birthday Gibson! I love you!

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