:: 36/12 ::

my dearest baby cash,

wait...can i even call you baby anymore?  you turned three today, so really you're not a baby anymore are you?  i know you'd rather be called a big boy.  especially now that you're in REAL underwear.

but i want you to stay my baby. remember when you were a baby?  that first time i met you, with that sweet newborn smell...oh man, how could i forget that?  i loved all the snuggles, and having you close to me pretty much all the time. 

you are such a sweet and precious boy.  you wear your heart on your sleeve, and aren't afraid to show us how you really feel. ever.

you hold your own with the rest of the "pack," and i think the time when emma and gibson can pretty much tell you what to do will soon come to an end.  and that's okay.  i love seeing you grow and discover who you are as your own person.
you are loving at heart, whether it's smothering your baby sister with affection or wanting to be cradled in my arms (still! and i'm totally cool with that, by the way).  to be quite honest, i kind of like the times when you sneak into our bed in the middle of the night, even though sometimes it means feet in my face or a random hand smooshing my nose.  it just reminds me of those baby times when i would have you close by. 

you know that mommy and daddy LOVE you so much.  SO MUCH.  i hope that your year as a three year old will be full of adventure, joy, exploration and growth. 

we love you sweet boy, and are so thankful you are a part of our family. happy birthday!
love you forever,


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