wordless wednesday {sort of} :: through the wake

i think, the olympic sculpture park is one of my favorite places to go to in seattle with the family. we get to be outside, and enjoy views of the puget sound and some creative outdoor art pieces.

on our last visit, i really fell in love with this piece (even though we've seen it before).  it's massive, yet elegant. it's bold, yet serene.  to fully experience this piece of art requires you to move through it, and each person's experience will be different depending on his/her movement and directional choices.  it's so cool!

and each time we come to this piece of art work, our kids' desire is to run through the "waves," weaving their bodies between each giant piece of metal. 

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Martha Roloson said...

I'm a friend of Aaron's cousin Chris and I met you, Aaron, Emma, and then little Gibson. What I'm commenting on is the seeing kit you got Emma for her Birthday. Where did you get it? I'm working with a couple of girls doing 4-H sewing projects and they need a sewing kit.In Ohio a lot of home-school children programs. I love your site It gives me ideas to go to see when I come back to visit my niece and nephew.

Martha Roloson said...

What I wanted to say about the 4-H programs is that a lot of the children use them.

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