what's with the controversy??

while at babies r us, i picked up the november issue of babytalk and happened to read the readers' comments page. it was all about the magazine's last cover photo of a baby breastfeeding. apparently, it was a controversial picture, because there was a "bare" side-view of a breast with a baby sucking on it. there were only a small handful of negative comments on the reader's comments page all talking about how disgusting it was and how disgusting and inappropriate it is to breastfeed in public. one comment i read from a lady said it was pornographic...ha, ha, ha!!! how can a picture depicting the utilitarian use of the breast be pornographic???? and yet these same women who are disgusted by the photo on the cover, make no comments about breasts being displayed in a sexual manner through the media (think Victoria Secret ads or Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition). If a picture of a breastfeeding baby is "inappropriate" then those Victoria Secret ads should be considered inappropriate too. anyway...that just really got me all worked up...it's no wonder not more american women breastfeed. there's still a lot of negative energy out there about breastfeeding in public that it makes women who do feel ashamed (me included during the first month of emma's life). here's a link to another blog by a woman who commented on that photo controversy: http://womenshealthnews.blogspot.com/2006/07/babytalk-magazine-cover-controversy.html


Maia LeDoux said...

yeah - I remember having to get past that shame of breastfeeding in front of people. Finally I coukldn't take being cooped up in the house any more and just did it everywhere. Luckily no one ever said anything negative to me. I did, however, buy a hooter hider for this time around just because I figure we'll be outside/in public even more!!

I couldn't believe those letters!!

originally posted: 03 November, 2006 17:05

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