off we go....

emma and i are getting ready to leave for the airport today (she's still sleeping but hoping to just transfer her to seat and go w/out waking her-ha!). we'll be in spokane for about 4 days visiting my folks. hey....anyone that wants to take a drive over to say hello feel free...would love to see you! i'm REALLY nervous about the flight, because emma is no longer an "infant." last time we flew, she was only 6 weeks, slept anywhere and everywhere, and nursed to sleep every time. so flying was a breeze. now she's almost 10 mos., and has a hard time falling asleep anywhere but her crib (she'd gets so distracted by all the neat things out there that it's hard for her to fall asleep). i'm just afraid that she won't end up falling asleep (and she gets soooo cranky w/out her naps) on the plane and then she'll turn into wild-crazy baby through the rest of the trip. pray for us...ack! tyler already left this morning to go to seattle for a week for spring break. so aaron will be mr. bachelor for a few days. *sigh*


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