spring concert

here are some pictures from tyler's spring concert/open house last night. he got to play the xylophone for one of the songs. some of the other pictures are of his classroom after the show.

on a side note, we had thunderstorms off and on all day though it looked like it cleared by the time we were getting ready to leave for tyler's show. we all decided to walk over to the school since it had stopped raining for a while (and parking would be horrendous). of course, when we left the rain started back up again. i left earlier than aaron & tyler so i could put emma to bed, and i ended up sprinting the whole way home so emma wouldn't get too wet...i ran so hard i thought i was going to throw up, blech. my clothes were totally drenched. aaron & tyler looked like they just got out of the shower when they got home. crazy!


Kristin said...

How funny! Looking at the classroom pictures I see the title of a story I read with my kids this year. Night of the Pufflings. Haha! Very cool that Tyler got to play the xylophone!!!

originally posted: 11 May, 2007 09:54

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