fashion pioneer

aaron came across this snazzy t-shirt at a skate shop almost 3 years ago while we were bumming around our hood. we loved the t-shirt so much that we even made a couple of purchases for our friends out west so that we could share our fabulous discovery with them.

reading the paper today, we found that the very same shirt (along with other pro-cleveland shirts) have become so popular that it made it on the weekly it-list of style and fashion. the initial reaction was one of panic and dread. dread because now more and more people will know about them. panic because our own sense of originality will be lost among a sea of people who choose uniformity over individuality....joking! REALLY. who would have guessed that aaron would be SO fashion forward? so much in fact that he could very well be one of the pioneers? i think it's great to support local businesses like the folks who make these shirts. and if the newspaper can encourage and mobilize the public to support that "buy local" mentality makes it even better.


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