the attic::potential

this is the future space for our master bedroom. we have decided to convert our old bedroom into the baby's room so that we can still offer a spare bedroom for visitors.

before we bought this house, the attic was marketed as having living space potential.

being the operative word here: old water damage, cracks and chipping along the walls. dingy paint. old, water damaged windows (possibly original to the home or close to it). cold and drafty in the winter time. a hot box in the summer time. hardwood floors in need of tlc. those factors probably don't make the attic space move-in ready, so to speak. and i admit, when i first saw the attic, seeing it as a liveable space did not seem appealing at all.

so for 3 years, the attic served as storage and a pseudo arts and crafts area (well actually...i end up bringing the craft supplies downstairs to do it instead of staying in the attic).

the realtor was right. there was so much potential for the room. so much space that we weren't using that we could potentially use. there was plenty of talk during the years about converting the space into a master bedroom with a master bath and all sorts of goodies. but it was just talk. and that kind of massive undertaking was certainly out of our budget and something we would not attempt on our own.

so the attic sat empty. pretty much unused.

it only took another baby for us to reconsider.

it's still out of our budget to do a complete re-model. thankfully, the attic can still be liveable with just some cosmetic alterations. and we have about 6 more months from now before we'll be moving up here since we'll keep the baby in the same room with us for at least the first 3 months. plenty of time.

and so we begin. scrape off the chipped paint. mend the cracks. patch up the holes.

stay tuned for the next update.


Robert Stockham said...

Let me know if you need anything or want to borrow any tools.

Mozi Esme said...

I love looking at spaces like that and dreaming of their potential, but turning into reality - that's a lot of hard work! Best wishes...

Corrie said...

that's a whole bunch of potential! It'll be work, but it'll feel like sanctuary when it's done.

SarahHub said...

I think it has great potential! I can't wait to see the finished project!

Anonymous said...

even though it is drafty and such, your attic is pretty big. So much potential! And I like the shirt Emma is wearing. Someone really really cool must have given it to her. hehe

Prasti said...

lol! gee...i don't know who could have gotten that shirt for her michelle. did you know she specifically picked out that shirt to wear for that day?

Klint said...

How fun! I love painting and making a space more suitable that was previously unsuitable!
We actually are moving to Clifton, the Clifton Arts Fest is in our front yard =) Three houses down from Starbucks, that is where we are!

Mamajil said...

oh this is gonna be a cool room!!! I love attic rooms

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