it's my birthday and i'll do what i want to

and now i'm another year older.

thank you family for helping me celebrate my birthday yesterday. we had johnny mango's for my birthday dinner (too bad i couldn't get the margarita this time around) and a divine chocolate cake at home for dessert.

thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes and gifts. it made my day.

and thank you to my dear husband for scheduling a surprise pregnancy massage for me yesterday, and to corrie for hanging out with the kids while i went out for the appointment :).


Robert Stockham said...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! I am sorry that I missed it! I don't know how! Somehow it didn't show up on any of my radar screens! Still, I wish you all the best and hope you and your beautiful family are all happy and healthy!

Robert Stockham said...

Wait this post is from 2 months ago. How did it end up in my reader today? Still happy birthday if I didn't say it at the time!

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