space...the final frontier

rockets, space shuttles, planets galore.

after getting past security and receiving our clearance, we made it to the visitor center/museum at NASA glenn research center to learn more about God's creation beyond planet earth. this was an early childhood pta event, but since we were running late (big surprise) we were left to our own devices...though we finally ran into some other families we knew.

a lot of the information was more suited for older/school-aged children, but emma had fun pressing buttons, and looking and identifying the rocket ships, planes, and astronaut suits.

it's a neat little place to visit (especially if you're looking for a place to go during those winter months). the visitor center/museum is free, and they offer a guided tour of the facility on the 1st saturday of the month from now until october. i think we may have to come back and bring the boys.

by the way...in case you didn't get the memo, pluto is not a planet anymore.


Fresh Mommy said...

Oh sweet!! Looks like a fun time! I'm sure she loved it... my girl LOVES pressing buttons!




ConnieK said...

How fun! That is one place that we haven't been. Thanks for sharing another great place to go here in Cleveland!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I taught the solar system to my fourth graders last year and they were shocked to learn that Pluto is actaully considered a dwarf planet. I found this funny t-shirt (http://www.snorgtees.com/itsokaypluto-p-460.html?osCsid=cb8c7625bce1b41a6cd1ab6524acc6ea) that says, "It's O.K. pluto, I'm not a planet either." They cracked up when they saw me wear it. -Kristin

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