1st birthday celebration

similar to daddy's birthday week, little agent gibs had his own prolonged birthday celebration.

on his actual birthday we took him out to dewey's pizza for dinner (umm...that place has delicious pizza.  i think it might be on par with angelo's...).  that kid can pack away pizza...and he's not picky about what kind he eats.

 while waiting for our food, he got to open a couple of presents.  the first half of his present from us is a handmade plush jingle ball.  i messed up at the first attempt (it looked more like a blob than a ball) but figured it out the second time around.  the filling is made from old tees and bed sheets cut into short strips.  the outside fabric was a mix of 2 different fabric remnants from joann's and an old top sheet we never used (way excited that i was able to upcycle that!)  i had emma help fill the ball and stick the little jingle bells in there.  it was also a great geometry, counting and sorting lesson for her.

we had originally planned to stop by malley's for an ice cream treat afterward but the kids and dad just went the day before with gram and pap so we bagged that idea.  instead we went home enjoyed the sunshine and played in the front yard.  malley's happened today after dinner.  he REALLY liked the ice cream and was crawling around like a crazy naked baby after his bath (obvious sugar high, i think).

saturday morning, a special package arrived for him from his aunti michelle.  perfect timing!  a snazzy top to wear for his BYOM birthday bbq...except he wouldn't sit still long enough to get a good photo of him in it.

he thoroughly enjoyed eating (big suprise) ribs and a chocolaty brownie cake for dessert during the bbq.  thanks to everyone who came by!

gibson also got the second half of his gift from us, which we ended up using as part of the party decor...handmade jingle cubes with tabs that spell out his name.  i used whatever fabric i had on hand and thankfully i had enough fabric with colors that go together.  these were much easier to make than the ball.  this time i used a mix of old tees and poly-fil for the filling so that the cubes weren't so dense.  i had wanted to purchase this bamboo filling they had at joann's but it was $22 for 1 lb.!

and since we didn't get to sing happy birthday to him during his party, we sang it to him on sunday.  daddy helped blow out the candle and gibson got to eat more brownie.

then today was his 1 year check-up where he got a couple of birthday shots.  though i don't think those are so much fun.  he is around the 50th percentile for weight (22 lb. 4 oz.), but height was only in the 25th (29 in.).  however, the doctor suspected that gibson was perhaps too wiggly to get an accurate measurement.  emma scored a lollipop on the way out...since gibson is too small to eat it for himself and all that.


Melissa said...

Sounds like a wonderful couple of celebratory days! (Except for the shots.)

Kristin said...

I'm glad Agent Gibbs had such a great birthday week! What a big milestone for the little guy! I can't wait to see him again :)

Usman said...

Interesting blog nice work keep it up

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

Happy Birthday! The blocks are adorable -- have you thought about a tutorial?

Anonymous said...


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