oh birthday girl...

i feel like a mom that forgot her child's birthday.


i've posted about gibson and ty's birthdays and here we are 2 weeks after emma's birthday and i still haven't put anything up for her.

oh baby girl...i'm so sorry! 

but here it is.  now.

my birthday girl awoke bright-eyed on her 4th birthday with a big smile on her face.  ready to take on the day.

we spent the early afternoon checking out discover gordon square art district day and more of made in the 216. she enjoyed looking at the plush toys, testing out the furniture, and even received a special gift from ms. danielle: "e" stickers!  her most favorite is the mustached letter e.

we then took a stroll down detroit ave to the happy dog for a happy birthday hot dog lunch (since ty's birthday is 2 days after emma's, doing the happy dog lunch worked out great, because it was a treat for the both of them).  emma stayed safe with some carmalized onions, mustard, ketchup and cheese topping on her hot dog, while ty went a little wild and crazy topping his with peanut butter, bacon and cheese (blech!).  and gibson had the honor of breaking in the restaurant's brand new high chair.

her birthday dinner of choice was aladdin's, where we filled up on pita, hummus and smoothies.  afterward, we came home to blow out candles on her birthday cake.  i am emphasizing the cake part, because she specifically requested birthday cake.  not birthday cupcakes.  not birthday brownies.  birthday cake.

gift opening was spread out over the course of the day, which i like because it keeps her from getting into present overload.  well, i suppose you could say it was spread out over the course of several days, and she got aunt corrie's gift back in may so really you could technically say it was spread out over a couple of months.

our gift to her were 2 belts for her saggy butt pants (which she had requested for the past year or so) and some glitter glue.  one belt was made from one of aaron's old ties he found at a garage sale (sorry, no photo), and the other was made from some left over fabric from the skirt corrie made for her.

happy belated birthday, baby girl.  though you have really changed from baby to little girl.  you have been especially amazing at helping your mama pick up after gibson's messes.  never a complaint when i ask for your help. you are turning into such a sweet and thoughtful little lady.  one thing i really find special about you is your excitement over sharing your stickers.  so sweet.  the drive-by sticking are fun, especially when someone points out that i have sticker on my backside.  i love our quiet times together coloring, reading, sewing and crafting.  i love your giving heart.  you love "making presents" for friends and family so that your craft center is littered with drawings, stickers and cut up bits of paper and ribbons to give to others.

hugs and kisses from your mama! love you girlie, silly faces and all!


Kristin said...

Happy belated birthday, my sweet, pretty, little cousin!

Corrie said...

Glad you had a happy birthday Emma! Sounds like tons of fun. I think I would have liked a bite of your hotdog and your cake (although i would have passed on Ty's peanut-butter topped dog!)

The belt is too cute. Great idea! And I'm glad you put the scraps to good use.

Astrid Vinje said...

Emma looks so grown up now. 4 years old. My how time flies! Happy belated birthday, my dear little niece!

Anonymous said...

I still have Emma's craft work that she carefully packed in our suitcase when we were with you Pras. She said it was a present for me. Also kept the sticker that she stuck on my sweater. ~Ibu~

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