how to :: milk jug bird feeder

this bird feeder out of a recycled gallon milk jug is simple to make and fun to do with your kiddies.  there are a lot of great tutorials on how to make this, like this one or this one.  but really, it's very easy to make that you won't really need directions after a thorough look at a photo of the finished product.

here's our step-by-step with photos...

1. wash and rinse your milk jug.  take cap off (but save it).  with a nail or awl, poke some holes at the bottom of the jug for drainage. don't make these holes too big, otherwise the seeds might fall out.

2. cut out 2 circles on the sides of the milk jug, away from the handle.  you can draw a circle outline first, if this helps you.

3. this next step is optional.  cover the edge of the cut circles with masking tape.

4. make a small hole on either side of the cut out circles, but make make sure it's big enough to stick a twig through.  this will be for the perch.

5.  make a hole with your nail or awl on either side of the top of the jug, below where the cap goes.  this is where you'll string some twine or metal wire through to hang the feeder.

6. to make it more decorative, you can draw designs on the outside of the jug.  i had emma use markers, but paint might work too.

7. go outside and find a nice, straight twig, long enough for the perch.  you can also use a thin dowel rod, but i like the more natural look of the twig.  run the twig from one end of the hole, made in step 4, to the other. now you have your little birdie perch.

8. run sturdy twine, string or metal through the top holes, made in step 5.  make sure the twine is long enough so that you can hang the feeder properly. replace cap at the top.

9. fill bird feeder with bird seed to just below the perch level.

10. find a good spot for the feeder and have daddy hang it up.

we are still waiting for the birdies to come around.  they've picked at the seeds that fell on the ground as we were filling the feeder, but they have yet approached the actual feeder.



Melissa said...

super cute

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