heavily frosted chocolaty cupcakes made everything better

we have yet to miss the lakewood streetwalk since it started 3 years ago.  the first year, the streetwalk was part of cleveland walk+roll.  i'm not sure why lakewood decided to defect, but after that first year they put on their own "walk+roll," a.k.a. the streetwalk.

the last 2 years we've gone have been fun.  whether they were demos that engaged the audience or live performances, it seemed like there were plenty of things going on at every section of the street.  but even compared to their 1st official lakewood streetwalk last year, this year's was a bit of a disappointment.  this year's streetwalk was scheduled to go on from 3-8 p.m.  unlike the past 2 years, this year we decided to go after dinner, so we didn't get there until a little after 6.  i don't know if time was a factor, but there didn't seem to be a whole lot out on the street by the time we got out there.  the program gave the apperance that there would be plenty going on through out the 3-8 time frame, but i think the bulk of the action finished well before 6.  personally, if you're going to advertise the event running until 8, then there should be enough programs established through out the street until 7:30 at the latest.

we did catch the tail end of a jazzercize demo as we toured up and down detroit rd.

we also took a break and watched some bellydancing by troupe benazir (thank you for sticking around for the late crowd!).  too bad they didn't have any audience participation this time around.  that was fun to do together with my daughter.

then we finished off our streetwalk experience chilling on the grass in front of the library, chalk drawing and watching the skateboarders.

something terribly odd (and perhaps this was poor planning?) that we noticed as we watched the skateboarders in action was the live, not-so-great, sleepy-time folk music that was playing on the front "porch" of the library.  i have never thought to pair folky music (nothing against folk music in general, mind you) with a skateboarding demonstration, and i don't know if that was a smart match.  i remember last year, ending our streetwalk experience at the same spot, and the "active" and more lively music (though not live) playing was much more fitting with the skateboarding demo.  it even got ben and emma moving to the beat...

lesson learned from this streetwalk: maybe we should not wait until 6 to go to the event.  but then again, if it's supposed to go until 8 p.m., there should be more for the public 2 hours before the event ends than open shops with sales and dwindnling booths and activities.

moving on.  late afternoon sunday, we decided to check out tremont's 8th annual taste of tremont. they had a chunk of professor street blocked off for people to roam and taste some yummy foods offered by the local businesses that reside in cleveland's tremont district.  the first thing i noticed was the vibrancy through out the whole event. i mean, people were everywhere.  young, old, children, singles, hipsters, barbie dolls, whatever.  the heat didn't stop the crowd from coming.

michael symon's lolita was offering up their version of the classic macaroni and cheese, while ty fun had some tasty looking spicy chicken basil stirfry. thinking i had $20 with us to taste the variety of food on the street, i was sadly disappointed to find we only had $4.  i guess i should have double-checked the pocketbook before we left!  fortunately, there was still something for us to buy with our $4: 2 corn on the cobs with melted butter!  yum!

 the beer garden was full, with a live band performing and some bean bag tossing (a.k.a cornhole to native ohioans) fun.  they even let kids come in there to sit and hang out (not to drink of course, but if they came with adult family members).  i don't think i've ever seen that before.  is that an ohio thing?  i know in seattle, they have never allowed the kids to come into the beer garden.  21 and over only, and it was strictly enforced.

on the way out, we did stop by a fabulous little shop, a cookie and a cupcake, to re-energize with some delectable cupcakes. why have i not heard of this place before??? the inside was very straightforward.  cute, little decor, not very spacious, but just enough to properly display those frosting-laden cupcakes.  but i did notice that the back had plenty of work space, which i'm sure is essential for creating all these delightful goodies.

gibson was getting out of control in his sling, reaching desperately for a piece to shove in his mouth.  after we each got our own cupcake, we settled just outside to enjoy them.  and oooooh they were good! i think the flavor is on par with that of cupcake royale in seattle (and i am in love with that place...it never helped my waistline that i used to work walking distance from that shop!).

and the best part about these cupcakes, aside from the creamy frosting, is the creme filling in the middle (pardon the blurry shot. wiggly baby at my side did not make for steady hands.).  surprise!

i love weekends like this: exploring the city we live in and immersing ourselves in the different communities around us while spending time together as a family.

i couldn't ask for anything more.


2blessed2stress said...

yummm you made me hungry~ The only thing missing was Ty!

ConnieK said...

Yummo! Well I guess I am not so sad that I missed the Walk because we would have gone after dinner too and we made it out to Tremont as well! I am digging the Street Tacos I tried... very tasty!

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