do something :: weekend september 24 - 26

this is one of the weekends i've been looking forward to all year.  here's a quick line-up of some of the things we're considering.  enjoy your weekend!

last year, i posted about the bridge project, an extension of ingenuity festival.  well...it's back!  i've been looking forward to this event since we went last year, keeping my eyes and ears open for the official dates and times.  unfortunately, we won't be experiencing it as a whole family this year since the 2 older kids will be out of town. but i don't think it will stop the rest of us from going.  unlike last year, i believe this year ingenuity festival is going to be held at the bridge as opposed to adding an additional event.  so i think this one is going to be BIG.  the festival starts tonight from 4 p.m. - 12 a.m.  then continues tomorrow from 12 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.  free admission.  check out the schedule and plan your day at the bridge!

teddy bear day is at the zoo saturday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.  all kids with a teddy bear or other plush toy will receive a free zoo admission with a paying adult.  the bears are one of our favorites to see at the zoo, and the grizzly bear is aaron's favorite.  there will be scheduled activities going on and programs highlighting the care of all the bear species at the zoo.  and if you're special bear is feeling a bit under the weather, be sure to stop by the teddy bear clinic so the bear doctors can check him (or her) out.

if you like being transported back in time and getting a glimpse of what it was like before all these homes, cars and electricty, then you might not want to miss fall fest: 18th century festival at the brecksville reservation.  we had such a great (though brief) time last week that surely this event will not disappoint.  you will have the opportunity to quilt, card and dye wool, and sample some 18th century foods (apple cider and honey just sound so good!).  the event runs from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. and is free to the public. 

Jakarta 2007
photo credit: michelle vinje
the lakewood public library will be hosting welcome to indonesia as part of their sunday with friends program.  when i saw this, i had to do a double take.  and then once i realized it was really in the program i got just a little (well, maybe a lot) excited.  it's rare that i see any indonesian centered programs around here (this is the first i have come across in 5 years) so this is not one i want to miss.  i had planned to take emma with me so that she can learn more about her heritage, but i don't think she will be home in time (yeah...i'm slightly disappointed in this).  too bad.  i really think this would have been such a great opportunity to expose her to some of her indonesian culture without having to shell out the $1,400 round-trip plane tickets.  this is a free event beginning at 2 p.m. at the library's main auditorium.  i think i might come out feeling a little homesick.


Barbara said...

You have a nice weekend ahead! Enjoy all the great things!

Greetings from Holland!

Melissa said...

The description of the 1800's festivals kind of sound like my daily activities... hmmm.

Corrie said...

Adding one more event for this weekend (and a plug for my show) Saturday is opening night for Othello at Great Lakes Theater Festival http://www.greatlakestheater.org/
And next Saturday (Oct 2.) is opening night for An Ideal Husband. Both shows worth checking out!

Barbara said...

Hi again :)
Off topic: the ducth name of the chocolate sprinkles on bread is Chocolade hagelslag. Myself I am not a fan of them, but a lot of people do here in Holland.
Thank you for giving a reaction on my blog.... I'm just starting but getting somewhere!!
Greetings again, Barbara

Anonymous said...

Too bad Emma won't make it to the Library to experience a bit of Indonesia Pras. Maybe there'll be another one in Cleveland. Hope you get to check it out by yourself. Round-trip airfare to Jakarta is more than $1,400 these days. My last trip in March cost more than that and that wasn't even during summer travel which would cost even more. I'm having a good time here in Alexandria with your latest niece Pras. She's a cutie pie ~Mom~

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