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when emma was born i had bought a baby book to record her first year stats and some of her firsts.  i had big plans for that baby book: print out photos and paste them in their proper sections, fill in all the blanks, write little notes of some of the unique things she did.  i wasn't going to leave one page empty.

4 years later, the book is not finished (and it only goes up to 3 years).  photos that i meant to print out are still in my computer...waiting...ever so patiently.

i bought a baby book for gibson too.  i had the same big plans, and the only thing i've recorded in there are his height and weight stats and a handful of his firsts.

i'm going to buy another baby book for this next baby.  i know i will have big plans to finish it.  and i know it will sit for years, half finished.  just like the other 2.  hey, at least i'm consistent.

honestly, i don't really feel that bad about it.  most of the special memories have been recorded here.  on this blog.  but even with that, i know that i have been a little bit more neglitient in sharing some of gibson's exciting firsts (unlike the first child).  did you know that he's been walking now for the past month or so?  it's just so cute to watch him pad around the house, his fat, little feet going pitter-patter trying to catch up with his big sister.  *sigh*
 anyway, i digress.  this post is meant to be a word log for my little man.  it's not supposed to be anything fancy or eloquent.  just a straight up list of words he can say amidst all of his babbles.  it's meant mostly for me...so that i can remember that feeling of excitement i had listening to him form words and identifying objects on his own years down the road when all the kids are older. 

so without further ado, i present to you gibson's 16 month word log:
  • bird
  • minum (drink in indonesian)
  • bear
  • dog
  • ball
  • star
  • spoon
  • nack (snack)
  • kacker (cracker)
  • emma
  • daddy
  • mama
  • lolo (hello/phone)
  • baby
  • guy
  • dodo (dinosaur)
  • book
  • no.  or i suppose it should be more accurately written as NO.
  • nao (nose)
  • beebee (berry/blueberry)
  • tee (tree)
  • caw (cow)
  • duck
  • quack
  • wow-wow (flower)
of course there are so many other words he can comprehend but can't yet form on his own.  and there are times when frustration takes over him because he cannot quite clearly express his wants and needs.  his sign language has been a little slow to pick up but i suppose that's our own fault since we haven't been as diligent about signing words with him as we did with emma (he only knows change, more and milk).

and there you have it.  the word log.  i like it.  i think it may make a comeback sometime down the road.  a little dull perhaps for you, dear readers, but this mama is pretty excited.


Fresh Mommy said...

Hahahahaha, I love that I'm not the only one!!! :) I have six pages in Aliyah's scrapbook, and made it to the first three month's of Brayden's life. :) Great word list though! I never kept track of that.


mamajil said...

I am laughing this is a great post!! I usually keep up with the first year pretty good and then after that first b'day....Its history! Millie turned 12 last week and she pulled out her baby book evidently hers goes up to the age 18...she was appalled that I had stopped at age 2....she handed me the book and said please catch up LOL.....

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