an apple adventure

sunshine, fresh picked apples, family and plenty of little voices filling the quiet orchard...

 we had so much fun apple picking.  so much fun in fact that we managed to come home with 25 pounds worth.  that's almost as much as gibson's weight.  the last time we went apple picking was pre-emma and gibson.  in fact, it was pre-married days...almost 10 years ago, when ty was still pretty little.  i can't believe we waited so long to do it again. 

of course we discovered more at the orchard.  there were chickens, which the kids were absolutely enthralled with, and a very regal looking black stallion, who put on a lovely poop show for us (sorry no footage of that...i know you are all pretty bummed out).

 we couldn't resist digging into our giant apple stash on the way home.  the apples were just the way i like them.  crisp, juicy with a nice balance of sweet and tart finish.  sooo tasty.  and what's even more tasty were the apples that made it into our butterscotch apple crisp.

ridiculously good.


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