block it up :: version 1.0 ::

what makes a block party?  the food?  the music?  the activities?  the weather?  obviously, they can contribute into making any party (not just a block party) fun, but i think PEOPLE are really what makes a party successful.

threats of rain and thunderstorms held off long enough for our street's very first block party.  we had such a fantastic time, and loved being able to chat with our neighbors.  the kids played hard and made some new friends.  the grown ups played hard and made some new friends.  and by the end of the night everyone slept quite soundly!

there was a ton of food, many activities and a great turn out.  many thanks to the local businesses that donated to the event: buckeye beer engine (yes, you should be jealous of the delicious brewskie i got to sample), rozi's wine house, and lakewood YMCA to name a few.

it was awesome to see community support for the event, and for our street to come together and party!  thanks, neighbors!


Anonymous said...

That's fabulous that local businesses donated to the party!

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