i spy with my little eye

so the other day, as aaron and i were walking to the beer engine for our date (which was super-fantastic, in case you're wondering), there was a little window display that caught my eye. 

i have this little love for vintage things.  i don't know why.  maybe it's because there's a story behind them.  maybe it's because it was part of a time period in which i would never be able to experience first-hand.  maybe it's me subconsciously longing for simpler times?  hmmm...i really don't know. 

anyway, the little window display that caught my eye showcased a stunning vintage blue dress.

i think to myself: oooooh!  that's new.  is that a vintage store??

my husband noticed my hesitation to continue on to our final destination.

yes, we can stop by there and take a look. [he read my mind!  how did he do that?]

we take a short detour.  as we approach: shop closed.  drats!

the lights inside were on, so i peeked in to see if i could figure out what the place was all about.  not much inside except for a gal busy on her sewing machine.

she was so sweet and invited us in for a bit.  as it turns out, she runs a little business specializing in custom-made vintage reproduction dresses called porshes place.  all the photos you see in this post are some of my personal favorites from her etsy shop.

aren't they fantastic?  anyway, i thought i'd share one of my newest 216 finds.  be sure to keep her in mind the next time you're looking for that perfect vintage dress!


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