eight is great

11 years ago (wow...i think i just made myself look old) this dude with spiky blond hair and a sense of humor that i somehow found funny caught my eye.

8 years of marriage and 5 kids later, he is still that dude that caught my eye 11 years ago.

the journey to the here and now together has been amazing.  i have seen both of us grow and change for the better.  i have seen our love and friendship grow and strengthen with each year.  we are each others best friend, as cheesy as that may sound.  we understand each others quirks, and have no qualms about being open and honest with each other (whether it's regarding a serious or lighthearted matter).  i take his feedback seriously (even when it comes to clothes...though sometimes i may not agree), and always appreciate his way of not sugar-coating things.  we are in-step with each other and we know each other like the back of our own hands. 

being with my man has been so, so good, and i'm quite certain that it will only get better with time.  kind of like good wine, right?

to my partner in crime and my number 2 guy: i love you dearly, my sweet baboo.  i'm thankful that we can share in the adventure that God has planned for us.


Corrie said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Hope you get to do something special. Lots of love to you both.

2blessed2stress said...

Happy Anniversary to two of our favorite peeps! Aaron with spikey blond hair..... wowsers! :)

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