maybe, baby...

38 weeks today...which means i'm officially full-term!  i am so ready for this baby to come out.  come on, baby!

i had my weekly check-up and NST today (read this for the reason why i have to have weekly NSTs).  after the 7 lbs. i gained in one week last week, i managed to stay the same weight this week.  phew!

my NST indicated that i was having contractions (much like last weeks results).  however, these ones seemed to get the baby's heart rate going much faster than normal, which is a good thing.  each time i had a contraction, the baby's heart rate would jump from 130ish to 160ish.  it wasn't doing that last week, so that was a good sign that baby is making progress down, down, down.

i also chose to get an exam, just to see how far dilated i was (2 weeks ago i was at 1 cm) and possibly to stir things up a bit...if you're picking up what i'm laying down.

the result: 2 cm dilated.  not too exciting.

BUT shortly after the exam, the baby was getting all excited and i had a few more happy contractions.  AND  **this next part might be a bit TMI for some of you** my water started leaking.  it's been like this since around noon so it is quite possible that we'll have a baby by tomorrow or wednesday. 

the house is as clean as it will ever get given the fact that i have 3 other kids.  freezer meals are prepped and ready in the freezer.  baby clothes are washed, folded and put away.  car seat is clean and waiting to be used.  the other kids have clean clothes and underwear which should last them about a week.  hospital bag is packed this time and ready this time around. i just went grocery shopping so the house is stocked with food for the week.  home education notification has been mailed and general lessons have been planned through december.  we have agreed on baby names.  AND most importantly, my nails have been freshly painted.

i feel ready.  i think i'm ready.  emma is VERY excited (the boys don't quite have a grasp on the whole baby is coming soon idea), especially after being in the exam room with me this morning.

we are ready to meet you sweet babe, and we love you so very much already.

now if you will all excuse me, i have to go run up and down the steps a few times, do a few squats, jumping jacks and all that fun stuff so i can get this party started.


Corrie said...

Yay! Love to you and to the new babe. Can't wait to meet her or him!

Melissa said...

Yay! Best wishes, Prasti and the whole family! I hope everything goes smoothly for you and babe!

Michelle V. said...


Michelle V. said...

can I just say I love your "38 weeks" picture because if you notice in the background of the photo - your two boys Cash & Gibson are playing around! So cute!!!

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