:: 24/12 ::

my baby cash,

2 years ago you made your entrance into this world.  for a while you were our little baby peanut, because you were the youngest and you were a bit on the smaller end (compared to your big brother at the same age, that is).  but somewhere between last february and this february, you sprouted big time.  out of the blue your legs turned into tree trunks, and you can now easily wear many of your brother's shirts. 

i look at you and i don't really see a baby anymore.  you are still sweet, and still enjoy a little rocking and cuddling before bed.  but you have turned into a little boy.  there is no more toddling or sitting in the high chair or going in the stroller for walks.  you want to keep up with your older siblings so things like strollers and high chairs are for the birds.  you won't even settle for crayons when everyone else gets to use markers.

one of the things i absolutely love about you is your affection for your little baby sister.  you love showering her with drooly kisses, and i think you would literally smother her [with love] if i didn't hold you back.  i've even caught you trying to "read" to her a few times.  it is seriously the sweetest thing!

you are starting to figure out all these different words, and in the past 6 months, you have been able to communicate your needs pretty clearly.  that means no more floppy fish tantrums or beating up your big brother! it is interesting to watch you navigate yourself between emma and gibson, trying to claim your own space yet be a part of the group at the same time.

i love you my sweet baby.  and daddy loves you, and your brothers and sisters love you too.  i am looking forward to watching you grow this coming year.  you are a sweet blessing to our family.



daddy said...

happy birthday baby cash!!! daddy loves you!

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