6 months

dear baby peanut,

yesterday you turned 6 months, and i don't think i was quite ready for it.  yet at the same time i was.  i know...that doesn't make any sense at all, but it does in my head.

i wasn't quite ready for you being half a year old, because i have really been enjoying you being a sweet baby.  baby coos, baby smiles, baby hands, baby smells, baby feet, baby snuggles.  i love it, love it, love it.  feeling like you are going to forever be the youngest in the family, i kinda want to hang on (REALLY TIGHT) to all the baby-ness.

but at the same time, i am ready to see you grow and grow.  sometimes i like to imagine you toddling around after your big brothers and sister, or doing girl time with me and emma, or date time with your daddy...it brings a smile to my face. 

you have gotten more vocal these past few weeks filling the room with lots of high pitch squealing.  one of my favorite things you've been doing lately is reaching for my face and squeezing my lips or my cheek between your baby fingers.  it's actually kind of painful when i have forgotten to trim your fingernails, but it's so stinkin' adorable i am more than willing to put up with the pain.

and speaking of those baby fingers, you are getting quite adept at putting a couple of them in your mouth to suck on.  it seems to make you quite happy when you manage to do that.  sometimes it even helps you fall asleep.  now all you need to do is figure out how to do that more often, and i'm quite certain your napping habits would improve.

remember that you are loved, my little peanut.  mommy and daddy love you so very much, and it's evident from the attention you get that your siblings love you just as much as we do.



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