10 months

dearest little peanut,

first off, i meant to write you a little something when you turned 8 months, but we were in the midst of traveling cross-country so i didn't do it. second, i'm almost a week late in writing your 10 month note.

it's been 2 months since we left our old home in cleveland, and you have settled in quite well at ibu and grandpa's house.  it didn't take long for you to get comfortable in your new surroundings at all.

you have changed so much in 4 months. the biggest thing: mobility.  you do almost the same belly crawl that your brothers did when they were your age, and it's so cute to see you moving around and pull up on stuff.

since you started on table foods a month ago, you're not as teeny as before.  at least you can wear 9 month clothing now!  okay, it's a little loose, but i think it counts. 

speaking of food, did i mention you love to eat?  every time someone pulls out a snack, or you hear the rustling of a plastic bag, your feet begin to kick excitedly and your eyes get that hyper-focused-stare-down look at whatever edible item is being displayed in front of you.  you sure can put a lot away for a wee peanut!

some of the sweetest things i've been enjoying from you these past 4 months: squeals, giggles, baby chatter, squishy-grin face, ticklish neck, cuddles, sloberry kisses, the excited kicking you do right before you nurse, climbing on your brothers, smiles, birdie mouth, little hands, and little toes.

i love you my sweet, little princess!  happy 10 months to you!




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