the teen years: v. 1.6

dear tyler,

today you turned 16.  sweeet.  and craaaazy!  what in the world happened?  do you remember when you were this little?

yeah, that was 10 years ago.  you still had them apple cheeks, and very into power rangers.

even though in 10 years time your tastes and looks have changed (no more power rangers and apple cheeks), there are some things that remain the same.

you are still kind-hearted, honest and thoughtful, just like you were 10 years ago.  and when you persevere at something you are quite successful!

you are growing up into a respectable young man, greatly admired by your little brothers and sisters. we know that God is continuing to mold and shape you into what he wants you to be.  continue being the gentleman that you are, and keep taking on those challenges like you're iron man taking on the mandarin.

photo credit: corrie
we are proud of who you are.  happy sweet 16th birthday!


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