12 months

my dearest lani,

i can't believe today we celebrate your 1st birthday! it has been an exciting and adventurous year, and you have just taken it all in stride.

it was love at first sight when i first met you. i felt like a first-time parent all over again, totally in awe with everything about you. from little newborn hands and feet to your sweet, newborn smell i couldn't get enough of you.

it has been a joy watching you grow, learn and discover things on your own. and those smiles always brighten up my day.one of my favorite things is to watch you and your siblings interact.  they are so sweet to you, and you absolutely love being around them.

i'm so thankful that i get to be your mommy, and i love you so, so much that my heart sometimes aches just thinking about it. i hope you will feel loved today (and everyday), and i can't wait to see what God has in store for you in the years to come.

happy birthday, leilani!


mommy (and daddy, ty, emma, gibson and cash)


Corrie said...

Happy Birthday Lani! Sending lots of love and hugs and kisses your way!

-Aunt Corrie

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