baby's birthday celebration

we had a lovely, low-key first birthday celebration for our little lani. 

we made sure to start the celebration the weekend before her birthday since daddy wouldn't be around for her actual birthday. aaron and i figured out that lani wanted thai food for her birthday meal so we went out to a thai restaurant (we have these special skills that tell us exactly what our kids are thinking, no matter how old they are).

after a full tummy, the birthday girl got to open her present from us.  nothing beats a vintage baby book (it was such a great find!).

big sister also made her a little gift basket full pretty, hand-colored, choke-able, little rocks.  perfect for baby!

on her actual birthday, we celebrated with more birthday singing, birthday presents and birthday brownie.  she had lots of excellent helpers when it came time to open presents.

and i think she thoroughly enjoyed her brownie.
i think she felt pretty loved.  thanks everybody!


Michelle V. said...

she's so cute!!!

Derry Hubs said...


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Keep it Up...!!

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