bye bye hair

today i got my hair cut after a little over a year of growing it out. a while ago, i had decided to grow out my hair so i can donate it to locks of love, and today was the day i decided to get it cut for donation. the stylist took off 11 inches, which seemed unreal to me. i'm very excited to make the donation, because i know that it will benefit kids who are suffering from medically related hari loss. i also found out that the salon i went to is an ambassador for wigs for kids, a non-profit similar to locks of love, and offers a free haircut when you donate your hair to that organization. pretty cool, i must say. anyway, here are before and after pics, and then pics of me and aaron being silly with my excess hair.


Steph & Craig said...

Wow Prasti -- that was some hair! The cut looks great! Mines still growing, maybe I'll do the locks of love thing too... -SK

originally posted: 24 July, 2007 23:44

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