weekend fun

we had a great weekend. yesterday we did emma's 1 year "birthday party." it was pretty low key in the sense that we didn't go nuts and do crazy decorations, balloons or invite massive amts. of people-just family. we did go nuts and bought 12.5 lbs. of delicious ribs that were pretty much gone after everyone had gotten a taste. for dessert, we served angel food cake, topped with fresh blackberries and fresh whipped cream and emma loved it. i will post pictures of the party later.

today, we decided to check out this playground/park that just opened this year. it's about a 30 min. drive from our house, but it was such a cool place. they have that cushy flooring (i'm not sure what it's called) but it felt great to walk on it. they even had a little sand lot, and a mock town complete with a bank, fire and police station, and a school house. it's a very big play area, and it's got stuff for kids of all ages. tyler pretty much took off the minute we arrived there, and emma did a lot of practice walking thanks to that cushy flooring (feels great on the feet). she also swung some, crawled some, teetered and tottered some, and rode down the slide w/ mom, dad and tyler. it was fun. too bad the camera was at home. we will have to go there again.


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