victory is so sweet

yesterday, aaron, tyler & i went to go see a cleveland indians game. now, i'm not a baseball fan, and think it rather boring most times, but man the last inning was pretty exciting. they played against the detroit tigers who were ahead by 4 (or something like that). but out of nowhere, cleveland started to catch up until they were just 1 point behind. then with 2 strikes and 2 outs in 9th inning this dude from the indians (note my familiarity w/ baseball) hits a home run and they win it by 1 point. craziness ensues and everyone in cleveland is happy...it always feels good to win.
the view from our seats
stocking up on hot dogs ($1 hot dog night)

tyler looking very serious

post-game fireworks video clip (ugh, we need to get a digital camera that takes better video clips...any recs?)


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