working dog

here are a couple of photos of blue with his backpack (he looks sad, but he really isn't), and emma in her stroller ready to go on our walk.

today i put about 7 lbs of weight and did a 30 minute fast-paced walk. by the end of the walk blue was starting to trail behind so i slowed up the pace a bit. i think he got a pretty good work out. no whining (not even a whimper) today when we left him at home for play group right after his walk (hooray!). he still whines when aaron leaves for work in the AM, but it's slowly getting better.

lastly, here is a video of blue relaxing and listening to emma narrate him a story. maybe if she reads to him often enough, he'll be able to speak english!


mamajil said...

This is so great!!! I love the pictures of blue, made me think of a pack mule. Cute video too!! this has been an adorable post!

Angela said...

That video is so adorable! Blue is too, and of course so is Emma!

We got home from the fair last night and one of our puppies had destroyed our playroom... he was mad because we were gone so long!

I tried to look you up on FB... you'd be surprised at how many have your name! If you get a chance, send me a request if you like, using Angela Tinsley...

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