c is for cookie

and i'm talking about a WHOLE LOT of cookies.

yes folks, friday was the annual cookie day for the purdum family. every year, since the dawn of time, purdums (mostly the women, but men are always welcome to help...pap helped put on frosting this year) gather round a home for 1 day in december to make, what some may think, an obscene amount of cookies.

this year we had gram, aunt corrie, aunt jenna, emma, ben, and baby sam over at our house to make some fantastic sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, clothespin cookies, kentucky christmas rock (??), and these fruit-filled cream cheese cookies.

there was a lot of mixing, and cutting, and baking, and decorating, and, of course, tasting. flour and cookie dough were flying everywhere (so much so, the dog didn't know what to do with himself)!

emma was a little helper, rolling out dough and cutting out shapes with aunt corrie. she also did some cookie decorating...talk about some abstract work.

i even got to do some mixing and baking while little sam snoozed in the sling with me. did i mention how i LOVE the smell of little babies?

anyway, we had a great time on cookie day. thank you gram for bringing over a delicious lunch and dinner for us to enjoy, and for doing the prep work for those oh so tasty clothespin cookies!

and believe it or not, i still have about 2 dozen sugar cookies from cookie day to decorate. it was coming up on 6 p.m. and i didn't have any more in me to make more frosting or to decorate one more cookie! i wonder if they'll keep until next cookie day...


Corrie said...

Thank you again for hosting! Always so much fun. (By the way, after all that sweet all day long, the only thing I was craving for dinner was potato chips!)

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