my 2 day headache disappeared just in time for our malley's chocolate factory tour this morning. actually, i probably would have still gone with a headache...because there's always room for chocolate.

the self-guided factory tour was arranged through the early childhood pta, so there were plenty of other little kiddies there. it wasn't as in depth as i thought (like the chocolate factory tour in cologne, germany), but i guess if you're working with food you wouldn't want random people milling around that close. plus, this is an actual chocolate factory, unlike the one in cologne where i think it seemed to be mostly geared as a tourist attraction rather than a functional factory (but i could be wrong).

the tour itself was still fascinating. especially for the little ones. the minute you step inside the factory there is an overwhelming smell of (surprise!) chocolate. i can honestly say, i've never seen so much cocoa butter in my entire life. after the tour, we were offered a free sample of some of their yummy chocolates. i think emma really enjoyed that part too.

sadly, no photos were allowed once you step inside the factory, so here is one of emma enjoying her special treat that she picked out herself (we also picked something out for everyone else in the family).

and of course, i took advantage of this time to pick up a few little goodies for stockings and family gifts. here's a sneak peek at what's in the goodie bag...


Reynie said...

Sounds interesting and very yummy! They would have to drag me out of the sample room kickin' and screamin!

Michelle said...

So not fair!! You are so lucky!! I would love to take a tour!! I love visiting chocolate factories and museums!!

SarahHub said...

My mouth is watering! Sounds fun!

Tabitha Blue said...

Ohh, looks good and sounds like a fun place to check out!! Glad you're headache is gone.. those long ones are horrible.


Enjoy the weekend!

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