one of my pet peeves is a dog owner who doesn't pick up his/her dog's poop during a walk and instead leaves those stinky surprises in the middle of the sidewalk, the grass at the park, or in someone's front yard. i mean, i love surprises...just not those kind.

lately, there has been a young looking husky being walked on our street. the walkers vary...from a man, an older teen/young twenty-something girl, or a tween girl.

i saw the twenty-something girl walking the dog a while back. as she was busy texting, the dog left a number of surprises on our neighbors' lawns. i didn't realize it at the time. my naive mind assumed that the dog was going number 1 since she didn't make an attempt to pick up any of the "goodies." how wrong was i!

this afternoon i happened to be at the right place at the right time. the tween girl was walking the young husky while we were outside. the dog stopped at our neighbor's lawn and proceeded to do her business. i waited to see if the girl would pick up after her dog, but she was ready to continue the walk, leaving the mess behind.

"would you like a plastic bag to pick up your dog's poop?" i asked.

"oh...yes please," she responded with a slightly startled look on her face which was quickly replaced by a sweet smile.

in hindsight, i should have given her an extra one for the road. or even told her to knock on my door if she ever needed one during her walk. i don't mind if a dog poops on our lawn. just pick it up.

now the cat poop dotting our front yard is a different story...


erin said...

So very rude, not picking up your dogs poop while walking.

Haasiegirl said...

im glad you told her!


Anonymous said...

You certainly handled it diplomaticly Prasti. You are your grandfather's granddaughter - a true diplomat. ~Mom~

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